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Motocross and Me free essay sample

In what manner will your quality enhance our locale? An incredible inclination overpowers me as I sit three feet over the ground, wind blowing past me 30mph, and my solitary security is my parity. This is my life, 40 riders all-focusing on a similar objective, to win. I contrast myself with motocross on the grounds that it’s my life, put in a game. Motocross is free and about individuals having a similar objective, which to me is the equivalent with school. Motocross has good and bad times; I am continually considering what will occur straightaway, or whom I am facing. I have been riding for a long time at this point, and from that point forward I have made me fully aware of another viewpoint. I was at one time the one in the corner continually shaking, getting anxious when somebody would converse with me, particularly in the event that it was a kid. Motocross has let me come liberated from my shell and act naturally. We will compose a custom paper test on Motocross and Me or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page At the track everybody is well disposed contrasted with school, continually making a difference. Don’t misunderstand me, individuals are decent at school as well, however at the track they don’t judge you for what you do or your ability level. I have picked up companions and information from this experience. I race with the two ladies and men. In spite of the fact that motocross is known to be a man’s sport, ladies may one day be the dominators. The women’s class has gone to be my closest companions. They have instructed me that triumphant isn’t everything, â€Å"if you can’t acknowledge losing, you can’t win,† I have taken this to be one of the statements that just may change the manner in which I take a gander at things. There is this young lady; she is hard of hearing, and an ace motocross racer! Her name is Ashley, on the off chance that I were she, I would have never envisioned it to be conceivable, to race motocross with o ther expert racers. That just goes to show you can do anything you set your attention to. I might one day want to meet her; she also is 17 years of age and has confronted a lot more difficulties. She can’t hear if a rider is coming up behind her, and depends on shadows. She can’t hear when she needs to move, and depends on vibration of the bicycle. She is a motivation to me, and numerous other female riders. It just demonstrates that you can’t consistently be extraordinary at all that you do; you need to lose and fall as well. Triumph wouldn’t feel so incredible except if you needed to work for it. I have confronted difficulties through motocross, awakening at 4 a.m. to prepare for a race that will last throughout the day. Watching somebody you love get sent to the medical clinic, and not recognizing what their condition is. I have needed to manage track-dramatization also, indeed, it is for the most part individuals not judging and being decent, yet like most places there are individuals that may cause show and ruin one another’s notoriety. I have experienced what I think, every last bit of it. Somebody once let me know, â€Å"always recollect where you originated from, you also were once at the bottom,† this is valid. You also were once composing a school paper to dazzle, you may likewise realize it is very nerve raking and it takes numerous attempts to hit the nail on the head, regardless of whether it isn’t precisely at the point you’d like it to be. Getting a â€Å"A† in school or acclaim on this paper would be nearly as extraordinary as passing the high contrast checkered banner before any other individual. In spite of the fact that I have not done it yet, I am resolved, I have one trophy yet to get, and that is first.

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Summary of the Achilles’ heel free essay sample

Writing audit proposes that Harmonious and composed associations are answerable for giving financial and key advantages to the two accomplices. Despite the fact that, it likewise gives a brilliant picture that trust and duty are the two basic apparatuses which can prompt fulfillment between the two accomplices, it isn't correct, all things considered. The investigation plans to concentrate on the factor which lessens the chance of accomplice changing from global viewpoint. Observational information recommends that responsibility, advantage and commitment are missing from work. From global point of view, if these attributes are missing in work, they can hamper the longest and best relationships[1]. A merchant needs to focus on the manufacturer’s credit duties so as to grow his viewpoints. In this manner, it might be important to expand the leave cost. The examination intends to break down responsibility, social responsiveness; openings and the chance of exchanging accomplices and believes them to be fundamental part of connection between the producer and the merchant. We will compose a custom article test on Synopsis of the Achilles’ heel or on the other hand any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Responsibility diminishes the chance of accomplice exchanging as the submitted accomplices cooperate to persevere through better operational and vital outstanding burden. Social responsiveness is important to keep up solidness in the solid, serious market on the grounds that a responsive merchant will work successfully with the producer to arrive at shared objectives. Crafty conduct whenever indicated exorbitantly is well on the way to end the connection between the merchant and the producer. Exchanging accomplices is well on the way to happen when the producer is disappointed with the merchant. Nonetheless, maker fulfillment is no doubt diminishing the chance of evolving accomplices. The investigation gathered a few examples and studies organizations which were arranged by size. In excess of 700 respondents were considered. The outcomes were investigated and it reasoned that distributor’s vital influence negatively affects the manufacturer’s fulfillment, responsibility impacts fulfillment, the responsiveness of the merchant additionally has positive effect on manufacturer’s fulfillment, advantage doesn't impact fulfillment and manufacturer’s fulfillment with the wholesaler abatements the likelihood of exchanging partners[2]. In any case, this examination has a few limitations. Since it was directed in United States, it doesn't cover the whole world. Likewise trust is another requirement which has not been broke down in this examination. End The writing focuses on accepting points of interest of open doors when evolving accomplices. The examination uses a confounded, multifaceted framework where endorsement, satisfaction and understanding in appropriating rent expands the likelihood of accomplice exchanging. The idea that time based consistent, steady relationship is a misnomer since helplessness subject to time. So as to make acceptable cross-fringe relationship, it is basic to set up a significant, significant dependable and solid relationship without destroying openings. The raised ventures and involved acquaintance is the way to bring fulfillment between the two accomplices. In excess of 700 examples were contemplated. The investigation dissected Commitment, social responsiveness, openings and the chance of exchanging accomplices and reached the resolution that these are fundamental elements which can decide the connection between the maker and wholesaler. References: Deligonul, Seyda, Daekwan, Kim, Roath, Anthony S. also, Cavusgil Erin, ‘The Achilles impact point of a suffering relationship: Appropriation of rents between a producer and its outside distributor’, Journal of Business Research, 2006, vol. 59, issue 7, pages 802-810(2006) [1] Deligonul, Seyda, Daekwan, Kim, Roath, Anthony S. also, Cavusgil Erin, ‘The Achilles impact point of a suffering relationship: Appropriation of rents between a maker and its outside distributor’, Journal of Business Research, 2006, vol. 59, issue 7, pages 802-810(2006) [2] Deligonul, Seyda, Daekwan, Kim, Roath, Anthony S. what's more, Cavusgil Erin, ‘The Achilles impact point of a suffering relationship: Appropriation of rents between a maker and its remote distributor’, Journal of Business Research, 2006, vol. 59, issue 7, pages 802-810(2006)

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Antipsychotics for Borderline Personality Disorder

Antipsychotics for Borderline Personality Disorder September 19, 2019 Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images More in BPD Treatment Diagnosis Living With BPD Related Conditions Your psychiatrist may prescribe antipsychotics for one or more of your borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptoms.   Why Antipsychotics for Borderline Personality Disorder? The term borderline was coined because early psychiatrists believed that the symptoms of BPD were on the border between neurosis and psychosis. For this reason, some of the first medications tested for BPD were antipsychotics. Although we now know that BPD does not share features with psychosis (and is not a psychotic disorder), research has shown that antipsychotic medications may be effective in reducing some of the symptoms of BPD â€" specifically, anger and hostility, intense mood shifts, and cognitive symptoms, like paranoid thinking. That being said, research shows that antipsychotics are not effective in  improving anxiety, depressed mood, and ?impulsivity in BPD. In addition, while the short-term use of antipsychotics may be effective in BPD, the benefit of frequent and long-term use of antipsychotic is controversial. Types of Antipsychotics There are two main types of antipsychotics: typical and atypical. Typical Antipsychotics. Typical antipsychotics are the older variety of antipsychotic medications, known as first-generation antipsychotics. They are less commonly used due to their potential for serious side effects like movement disorders. Some typical antipsychotics are: Haldol (haloperidol)Navane (thiothixene)Stelazine (trifluoperazine) Atypical Antipsychotics. Atypical antipsychotics are the newer generation of antipsychotic medications, and they produce less of the movement related to side-effects. The six atypical antipsychotics are: Zyprexa (olanzapine)Clozaril (clozapine)Seroquel (quetiapine)Abilify (aripiprazole)Geodon (ziprasidone)Risperdal (risperidone) Side Effects of Antipsychotics Tardive dyskinesia, a side effect that can occur from the long-term use of antipsychotics, involves uncontrollable movements of the face, lips, tongue, limbs, and fingers. Its irreversible, and the risk of developing it is higher with the typical antipsychotics than the atypical antipsychotics. Other potential side effects are called extrapyramidal symptoms, like akathisia, an intense sense of restlessness and agitation. Extrapyramidal symptoms are also more common with the typical than the atypical antipsychotics.  Neuroleptic malignant syndrome  is a rare but very serious condition associated with antipsychotics involving high fever, delirium, and muscle rigidity. While  the atypical antipsychotics are less likely to cause tardive dyskinesia and extrapyramidal symptoms, they are associated with other side effects like weight gain, new onset diabetes, a rise in cholesterol, sexual dysfunction, and heart problems. In addition, some of the individual antipsychotics carry their own unique side effects. For instance, a  rare but potentially fatal side effect of the atypical antipsychotic clozapine is agranulocytosis, a decrease in white blood cells. Regular monitoring of blood counts is required when this agent is used. As shown, there are a number of potential side effects associated with antipsychotics, and they vary by the type (typical vs atypical) of antipsychotic, as well as the individual medication. If your doctor prescribes an antipsychotic, be sure to review the side effects with your doctor and take the medication as directed.   Bottom Line Treating BPD requires an individualized approachâ€"meaning what works for you is likely different from what works for someone else. It will take time for you and your doctor to devise a plan for optimizing your care for your BPD, and this plan may include both medication and psychotherapy. The good news is that there are excellent treatment options available that can help you feel better and get well. A proper discussion and asking the right questions can get you on your way to figuring out the right option for you. Borderline Personality Disorder Discussion Guide Get our printable guide to help you ask the right questions at your next doctors appointment. Download PDF

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Patient Teaching - Incentive Spirometer - 1640 Words

Patient Teaching–Incentive Spirometer Sergei Pugachov Georgia Southern University School of Nursing Dr. Linda Upchurch NURS 3163 An incentive spirometer is a device that our patients use to improve the function of their lungs. This main underlying principle is that breathing can be exercised to train the expansion of lungs capacity (Potter, Perry, Stockert, amp; Hall, 2013). Patients who qualify for this intervention include those who have recently had a surgery, were under anesthesia, or have been placed on bed rest. Our main concern here is that these situations create opportunity for less activity within the lungs, which can put the patient at risk for pneumonia. The goal of incentive spirometer is to keep the lungs†¦show more content†¦Shallow breathing and pain altered this patient’s comfort. Therefore, one of the nursing diagnoses can be stated as â€Å"Breathing Pattern, Ineffective r/t pain and anxiety, as evidenced by respiratory depth changes (Ackley amp; Ladwig p. 175). We briefly discussed the specifics of incentive spirometry use before initiating the intervention. After return de monstration, the patient was ready to use his incentive spirometer. Outcome Patient outcome consisted of performing 10 deep breaths per hour. We have reviewed details that were difficult for the patient to remember, such as breathing out before placing the lips on the mouthpiece, and holding breath for 3 to 5 seconds at the top of each inhalation. With empathy, I provided understanding that being hospitalized is never easy due to sensory overload, pain and lack of privacy. Additionally, we have discussed the basic pathophysiology of lung inflammation and what it can do to a person. So overall, the outcome included enhanced disease knowledge with effective use of incentive spirometer. Therapeutic Nursing Interventions Educational intervention was necessary when the patient was observed making three common mistakes. First, I reminded the client that it is preferred to breathe out before putting the mouthpiece in the mouth. Second, the mouth has to form a tight seal around the mouth piece for maximum efficiency. Finally, I explained the goal ofShow MoreRelatedAs Nurses, One Of Our Responsibilities Is To Educate And1223 Words   |  5 PagesAs nurses, one of our responsibilities is to educate and assess our patient’s learning needs. It is important for us to evaluate their health behaviors and identify areas where there may be a necessity for additional teaching. For example, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is common among the elderly population. COPD affects nearly thirteen million adults in the U.S. Although the disease is preventable and treatable, it is the third leading cause of death, 120,000 deaths every year areRead MoreA Reflection On Th e Nurse1656 Words   |  7 Pagesmuch more than the physiological care that most people think of as being the sole duties of a nurse. A good nurse provides patient care that is holistic, which encompasses the physiological, spiritual, mental and cultural aspects of each individual patient (Sharon, 2014). It is a process of healing that involves the mind, body and spirit. To meet all the needs of a patient, the nurse utilizes holistic care to assist in managing the patient’s illness, symptoms, health, healing and function whichRead MoreCase Study Assessment For Copd881 Words   |  4 PagesEncourage deep breathing exercise, effective coughing, the use of incentive spirometer Administer oxygen as prescribed; no more than 2 liters of oxygen Administer medication as prescribed(Bronchodilator and steroids) Chest Physical therapy Smoking cessation Dietary Prescriptions It is important that patients with COPD to increase their calories intake and decrease sodium intake as well drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. Patients with COPD should consume more calories to help produce energyRead MoreImproving Patient s Quality And Longevity Of Life1183 Words   |  5 Pages90 days. For patients with conditions like CHF, the rate of readmission within 30 days reaches 25%. The estimated cost for unplanned rehospitalizations in 2004 was $17.4 billion. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services penalizes hospitals for high rates of readmission within 30 days of discharge for patients with CHF, MI, and pneumonia. Although there is no significant evidence that failed patient education is the exact cause for the readmissions, providing education to patients might haveRead MoreEffectiveness Of Discharge Planning For Patients Essay1235 Words   |  5 Pagescommunication, August 25, 2016). Evidence-based practice enhances care and the delivery process as well as improving patient outcomes, thus the reason it is recommended when providing discharge planning for patients. Research shows numerous barriers restrict effective discharge teaching. Inadequate comprehension is the leading barrier preventing successful teaching thus increasing patient adverse effects, risks, and poor outcomes according to the article, â€Å"Effective Discharge Communication in the EmergencyRead MoreHospital Acquired Pneumonia Case Study1968 Words   |  8 Pagesmorbidity (Seymann, 2008). This paper is a case study of a 52 year old female who was in the hospital for a scheduled gastric bypass surgery. During a post-op test she aspirated dye thus beginning the process of her developing nosocomial pneumonia. The patient was discharged only to return to the emergency department the following day presenting with signs and symptoms of pneumonia. This paper will discuss her diagnosis, treatment, risk factors, nursing care, socioeconomic influences, and diagnostic testingRead MoreA Short Note On Emphysema, The Irreversible Enlargement Of The Acini1286 Words   |  6 Pagesmore difficult because air is trapped in the lungs and it cannot be exhaled passively. As a result of the trapped air, the lungs become hyperinflated which in turn increases the workload of breathing. With further progression of the disease many patients develop hypoventilation and hypercapnia. Another consequence of the unrelenting inflammation of the airways is hyperreactivity of the bronchi with bronchoconstriction (Huether McCance, 2012). Emphysema is included under the broader medical diagnosesRead MoreDepartment Of Nursing Education Teaching Plan1169 Words   |  5 Pages DEPARTMENT OF NURSING EDUCATION TEACHING PLAN STUDENT NAME: Carla Sanchez PROFESSOR’S NAME: John Tote PATIENT’S INITIALS: A.D. MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS: Severe Coronary Artery Disease ASSESSMENT LEARNING NEEDS Patient is a 74 y/o male who is post op Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (x 5) surgery. Mr. D and his wife are of Lebanese descent. I was present during the removal of this patient’s chest tube, and there was difficulty with him following directions as far as taking 3 deep breaths and holding the lastRead MoreProfessional Growth Through Collaborative Efforts And Leadership Skills992 Words   |  4 Pagesspecial events that I hold meaningful in my current profession. I work as a registered nurse on the surgical specialties unit and have been there for thirty years. Most of the patients that I care for are post-surgical patients. One particular event that I will be discussing throughout this paper is that of an extremely painful patient. By utilizing the transformational model I will be able to show how I have established professional growth through collaborative efforts and leadership skills. ClinicalRead MoreEnhanced Recovery After Surgery (Eras) Are A Relatively1681 Words   |  7 PagesEnhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) are a relatively new set of protocols arising in the 1990’s which have since been coined the gold standard in surgical patient care. They have been increasing adopted in because overall research has shown them to be a safe and cost effective way of reducing length of hospital stay and positive patient outcomes. ERAS protocols are threaded throughout the perioperative care, including pre, intra and post-operative phases. I will analysis two research papers which

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Black Women’s Role in Popular Culture An Analysis of The...

In modern day society, popular culture has gained equal status to world issues and politics. Music, movies, and literature have started cultural revolutions and challenged the straight-forward thinking many individuals have accepted in the past. But while popular culture can advance new ideas and create movements, it also has the ability to challenge advancements society has made. Imani Perry’s essay, The Venus Hip Hop and the Pink Ghetto, focuses on hip hop and its negative impact on women and body image. In The Venus Hip Hop and the Pink Ghetto, Imani Perry argues that the over-sexualized, unattainable bodies of black women in popular culture will lead to the breakdown of feminism and the positive body image of the everyday black†¦show more content†¦Her clothes accentuate her cleavage or have a sexual shock factor, such as wearing â€Å"sequined pasties†¦[that] coordinate with the rest of her attire†. The vulgar, sexual nature of her raps makes it impos sible for her to not receive attention from the media. Another artist, Eve, dresses sexually to accentuate her body and appears in videos with music video models but raps about social issues like domestic violence. By comparing the nature of these artists and their music, Perry tries to show that young girls have very few role models in hip hop that promote positive feminists values and body images. But, she neglects to discuss other feminist artists she mentions in the essay such as Destiny’s Child and Mary J. Blige and how their lyrics and actions in the media allow young black girls to have positive role models that show a woman can be independent, strong, and beautiful in their own way. Perry’s focus on the more sexualized female artists in hip hop and how their shocking appearance and lyrics allow them to be as successful as their male counterparts took away from the development of her argument about conservative artists and their success. By leading the reader to believe that artists are either overly-sexual or conservative, Perry limits how the reader forms an opinion on why or why not young girls’ body image may be threatened by the media and the hip hop

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Argumentative Thoreau Essay Free Essays

Jessica Taylor 13, February 2012 AP English Mrs. Mercer Self-Sufficiency and Individualism Can Harm a Community Henry David Thoreau goes to the woods to live away from duties and to live a life of leisure. He moves far away from any method of communication, such as the post office. We will write a custom essay sample on Argumentative Thoreau Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now He wishes to live independently and self-sufficiently. The quote â€Å"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life†¦and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. † He summarizes his reasons for living in the woods in this quote. Thoreau wants to live deliberately; to choose his own course and have no one else influence his life. He doesn’t want to get old and look back and realize that there are things in life that he wanted to do, that he has never done. If everyone in a community lived by the virtues of individualism and self-sufficiency, then there would be no community. In a community, everyone contributes something. Individuals in a community work together, in order to solve problems and issues facing the community. Such as, if there has been a terrible natural disaster, communities work together to repair the damage. If the damage is more extensive in some areas than others, then the individuals of that community can work harder to restore it. If everyone in a community lived by the virtues of individualism and self-sufficiency, then in times of crisis or suffering, there would be no sense of community where people helped one another. Also if a community lived by these virtues, then there would be no trust. In order to gain or build trust, there has to be some sort of connection between individuals. In Thoreau’s self-sufficient world, there was no communication. If a person held the virtue of self-sufficiency, this may make other individuals feel offended. People would feel offended because today’s world is all about communication. If an individual blocked out other people and did not allow them to help him/her, then this might make the other individual feel as if they were not beneficial. Instead of being a community, it would be more of a rivalry between individuals. There would be no trust or companionship. In times when individuals would need each other’s help; there would be no sense of alliance. Everyone would be against one another, because everyone would feel as if each other were untrustworthy. In the United States, we are one giant community; there are many communities within the major one. In times of war or battle, we stand together. Above all, the citizens in the U. S are able to come together to fight the battles when needed. If every citizen in the U. S lived by the virtues of self-sufficiency and individualism then there would be no U. S. in times of war; there would be no army. In an army you must work together to find the best solution to the problem, there has to be teamwork and trust. In a self-sufficient world, everyone would want to do things in their own way, and in return this would cause chaos. A community is a beneficial factor, without it we have nothing. Yes, being self-sufficient can be a helpful virtue, but in the condition of the community it is one virtue that can destroy the community. If there was no sense of an alliance, there would be no way to survive a natural disaster or fatal event. A community can strive and recover from a setback, whereas, if an individual was self-sufficient, then this would be much more difficult. How to cite Argumentative Thoreau Essay, Essay examples

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Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf free essay sample

Anonymous Was a Woman For the overwhelming majority of human history, women have been viewed as subservient beings whose foremost functions were child rearing and homemaking. Until recently, it was widely accepted that a womans place was in the home; financial responsibility for the family fell exclusively on the mans shoulders. Recently, the distinct line distinguishing gender roles has become blurred and it is not uncommon for the woman to be the provider and her husband the homemaker. In the era immediately preceding the modern feminist movement, many individuals advocated omens rights and encouraged women to be fiscally and personally independent. One such advocate was the Victorian writer Virginia Woolf. During the era in which she lived, successful, proficient women were a rarity. However, Woolf avidly urged women to follow her example and surmount this societal obstacle in order to achieve professional accomplishment. In his 1961 play, Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Edward Albee creates Martha, who is essentially the antithesis of Woolfs independent, professional woman. We will write a custom essay sample on Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page While she is by no means the stereotypical meek and gentle ousewife of the early and mid twentieth century, Martha is clearly impeded by gender expectations. The feminism embodied by Woolf and typified in her speech, Professions for Women, provides insight into the underlying significance of the recurring song Whos afraid of Virginia Woolf as it relates to Martha in Albees play. In Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Albee delves into the stereotypical roles of men and women. Martha, the hostess wife, is depicted as a woman dependent on the aid of men. Before meeting her husband George, Martha lived under the support and guidance of her father. Even when she became an adult, her goal was not to find success, but rather to find a man whose success she could live through. The thought of personal sustainment was a fleeting one, if one at all. After knowing her guests, Nick and Honey, for a mere few hours, Martha drunkenly divulges to them intimate details of her life. When recounting her early adulthood, Martha says, So after I got done with college and stuff, I came back here and sort of sat around, for a while. I wasnt married, or anything I was a hostess for Daddy and I took care of him and it was nice. It was very nice. (Albee 85-86). Although she attended college, Martha never intended the fruit of her education to be applied professionally. While most college graduates might seek employment upon graduating, Martha had no such aim. Instead, she passively allowed herself to be pushed down the path that society had cleared for her. As with countless women before her, Marthas life was controlled by the men in it; until she married George, Martha was preoccupied with the care of her father. One man was seamlessly replaced by another and the hesitation in her speech suggests that she was less than satisfied with this. While Martha and many other women have succumbed to the pressures of society, a select few were able to overcome them and find success. Of these exceptional women, Virginia Woolf stands out as an intelligent, outspoken supporter of womens rights. The pit of reliance that Martha fell into was exactly what Woolf spoke out against. In her essay Three Guineas, Woolf states that, o depend on upon a profession is a less odious form absolutely necessary for women to break the shackles of financial dependence in order to be free. Through her various speeches, essays, and other writings, Virginia Woolf clarifies her opinions and proves to be an extremely intelligent and thoughtful woman. Woolfs mastery of language competes with some of the most revered male authors throughout history. Despite the male dominance in society, Virginia Woolf was able to elevate herself to an equal level. In addition to overcoming obstacles personally, Woolf actively advised other women to do the same. In her speech to a group of women in the National Society for Womens Service, Virginia Woolf elucidates the prejudices that stand in the way of women professionals (Woolf, Professions). Despite the advances made by her and other prominent females, Woolf insists that women must continue sincerely in the fght for professional liberty. As Woolf speaks earnestly in an attempt to promote female liberation and advancement, Martha counteracts the effort by taking a backseat position in her own life. After deciding she would like to secure her legacy at the university which her father runs, she concludes that the best and only way to accomplish this is by marrying into it. Instead of trying to become an active component herself, Martha relies on her relations with men, as she historically has, to solidify her fate. When she marries George, Martha expects that he will be able to rise to an authoritative position and will eventually replace her father as president; to her immense disappointment, George reveals himself as a flop and stands no chance of promotion (Albee). Throughout the play, Martha harps on George for his lack of professional accomplishment, but it is more than likely that some if not all of her disappointment in him stems from an even deeper dissatisfaction with herself. By continually matching wits with her husband, Martha proves to be a competent and cunning woman. Unlike Woolf, however, she refuses to channel her intellect roductively. Due to the impeding decisions that she repeatedly makes, Martha becomes the enslaved woman that Woolf so fervently rebukes. The third and final time the song Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf appears in the play, Martha responds by saying l am George am (Albee 257). In this closing scene, Marthas tough fapde crumbles revealing a poignant vulnerability. Obviously Martha is not literally afraid of Virginia Woolf; rather, she is intimidated by the values that Woolf embodies. While Martha may realize that she is capable of self-sustainment, she submits to the osition that society has put her in and relies on men to support her. Instead of using her intellect in the workplace as Woolf advises, Martha employs it maliciously and plays mind games with her houseguests. Without former knowledge of Virginia Woolf and her accomplishments, one might not fully or even remotely comprehend the implication of Marthas response. However, with the understanding of Woolf and her feminist values, it becomes clear why Marthas character might fear the strength and independence that Woolf promotes. As with countless women before her, Martha is weary of breaking the tradition of her male dominated society.